Hot Yoga

I find it fabulous for Joint Pain, the heat is an added benefit for those suffering from inflamed joints and muscles.  I practice yoga at least once a week in high temperature. Don’t give up on it before you start especially if you say you don’t like heat.

The practice of “asanas” or postures is the physical form of Yoga, which also includes proper breathing, focus and concentration.  If you add in heat, with temperatures ranging from 80° to 105° It is termed warm or hot yoga.   The promoted benefits that you will get  from these temperatures is sweating  which helps flush toxins from the body and the heat promotes a greater range of motion, and a deeper stretch. By going deeper into a stretch, we can relieve stress and tension, which is often associated with chronic pain issues, depression, and anxiety.  Through contraction and compressing the internal organs and soft tissue, circulation improves so body systems perform optimally, hormones are balanced and the metabolism is revived up!

“The goal is to strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular health and elevate the mood.  The element of heat also challenges the mind, which helps us deal with stressful situations off the mat in our daily lives. The benefits are quite amazing and is often life changing.  As we get older we are more likely to suffer from a common triad of symptoms, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar, which are treated with medication. Hot Yoga works from the inside out.  It stimulates and compresses the internal organs and encourages blood flow into all areas of the body including the respiratory and circulatory systems, pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

“The rewards are fabulous. “The most common excuse people give for not trying Hot Yoga is, as they say, “I am not flexible” Hot Yoga is about stretching and lengthening muscles of the body.  The more inflexible you are the more you need it.”  Three Key Points to know about Hot Yoga: People often find the first few classes to be the most challenging, but there is a bit of a learning curve as you learn about the practice, yourself, and to acclimate to the heat. It is important not to give up too soon because it’s typically at that point when you get to experience the real benefits of Hot Yoga.  Hot Yoga can be very intense for some people and often brings up mental or emotional challenges that we hold deep within ourselves.  Not only is it cleansing our body but it can help “detoxify” thoughts and emotions.”

“Yoga is about pushing hard and finding your edge while keeping the mind focused on the observation of the body and breath. You will work towards taking rests when your body is calling for it, instead of when your mind is telling you to give up.  There are no negative thoughts or expectations, just a strong confident push through each asana with as little thought to the sweat and the muscle burn as possible and maybe even with a smile!

Concerns/Potential Pitfalls:   Dehydration:  Easily remedied by hydration. You must drink enough water before class and after class.  Overstretching:  Usually requires rest and an ego check.  Eating too much or too close to class time. It is imperative that you practice within your abilities. – You must know your limits and practice mindfully each day as your body is never the same from one class to the next.  The best way to enjoy a safe practice is to look for a reputable, certified Hot Yoga   Instructor. There are varying styles in terms of music, appearance, temperature and classes ranging from Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, Silent Hour, restorative, and Sup Yoga. If you cannot tolerate Hot Yoga, warm or regular Yoga is always a great option.  Yoga is meant for everyone and improves body, spirit, and mind. You can start slow, you just have to start.

“Flexible bodies and minds are the key to bending and moving around this intense and ever changing world.  Whether you want to clear your mind, treat arthritic joints, or lose weight, the benefits are truly amazing”. You are nurturing your body mind and spirit

“ Namaste ”

– Mae Caime, RN, President of <a href=””></h2>

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