Treating Skin from the Inside Out

Our skin is the largest organ of the body.  We owe it to ourselves to take care of it!  It is absolutely fabulous to be using the right skin care ingredients for your skin.  Cleanser, toner, moisturizers, eye cream, sunscreens are essential, but if we are not taking care of our skin with proper hydration and diet, we are not optimizing the potential for radiant skin.  A diet high in antioxidants as well as hydration is critical for healthy skin.

Water H2O, It is recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.  It will keep you hydrated; Add a little lemon in to make it alkaline, which is better for the body, and aids in digestion.

Green Tea, polyphenols

Vitamin C, Supplementation

Ceramides (see life extension-supplements/ MD Logic for more information)

Collagen Hydrolyzed Type 1 and 3   Taken daily it is tasteless powder easily added to tea, juice  also great for joints

CoQ10   Taken daily ,  also a the liquid within the capsule mixed with night time moisturizer is beneficial

Lots of vegetables, green leafy, fruits, omegas (such as salmon), dark chocolate, red wine, avoid high sugars, excess red meat, fried foods

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