SPICE Up Your Life!

Tumeric Delivers Definite Health Benefits

Clinical trials prove turmeric is more powerful than the popular treatments in your medicine cabinet – without side effects!

Tumeric is a spice of yellow orange color, Curcumin is one of the several compounds found in turmeric which gives it its color and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used a lot in curry powder and mustards.

Boosts working memory, reduced mental fatigue and enhanced mood…

Promotes radiant skin. Found to inhibit a key enzyme that prevents elastin from forming by up to 65%. Elastin is essential to smooth young skin.

Supports healthy inflammation levels. After an exercise regimen, patients taking curcumin saw their markers of inflammation reduced by 25% compared to the placebo.

Supports and helps maintain telomere length. Telomere shortening is now proven as the #1 cause of aging. So, it’s the equivalent of freezing time!

Supports healthy blood sugar levels. 100% of people taking curcumin had a healthier response to insulin.

Supports healthy blood pressure levels and healthy triglyceride levels. Patients taking curcumin experienced a 60% improvement

Supports joint comfort and easy pain-free mobility. People taking curcumin saw pain scores drop by 60%… and stiffness scores drop by 73%., it is said to help with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus pain

Supports hassle free, smooth digestion. Two-thirds of patients taking curcumin experienced healthy gut performance.  IMPORTANT in higher doses  persons with Gall bladder issues or kidney stones it may not be recommended

How much to take : 500 mg to 2000mg of curcuminoids from turmeric extracts.  Turmeric powder is also in some supplements which is similar to turmeric spice which is only 3% curcuminoids.

Black PEPPER (Piperine ) in bioperine has been shown to increase the bioavailability of curcumin up to 20 times.

I love turmeric and the added benefits for joint pain.  I highly recommend it for man reasons, but it is important to consult your physician or an expert on supplementation if you are not sure if this is right for you, or medical history.  Most people will enjoy  all the benefits of the wonderful spice…so spice up your life and  get turmericing!

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